PL 6 Preferences

Performance Preferences recommends processing 2 images at a time. But, you also have option to choose more than 2. So, there must be circumstances (higher number of cores, faster processor, faster GPU?) where processing more images simultaneously would be to advantage. Ideas on what those might be?

A test is performed during installation and set the optimized number of parallel processes.
It is not necessary to change this value.


Thanks Pascal,
And if new hardware is installed (Pl brought over from old machine) after initial PL 6 installation, would PL 6 need to be re-installed to account for the potential of new GPU/CPU?

Please forgive me, if I am slow on this. PL6 was optimized for cores on OLD machine. Program has been cloned onto new machine with more cores. It has not been re-installed.
Does PL optimize each time it is opened or just on installation?

Can’t say if it does, but you can test it easily by changing the number of parallel exports and measuring the time it takes. On my 8 core Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, the sweet spot ranged from 3 to 5 when I last tested a few months ago.

Note that export times heavily depend on your image edits, therefore, the sweet spot might be in a different range for different edits. It’s about finding the best values for the interaction of CPU, GPU, memory bandwidth etc.