PL 6 freezes and then the System crashes

Hi all
My configuration:
MacBook Air M1
Mac OS 10.11 Big Sur
DPL 6.10.1
ViewPoint 4
Since I last updated it DPL became practically unusable. Randomly, after several minutes of work it freezes, I force it to quit and about 5 minutes later the System crashes.
Any clue? Any solution?

What version of PL6 are you using?


Hello there.

I’ve not had any crashes at all with either PL6 or VP4 or in combination of them on my M1 Macs.
But I’m not running such an old macOS as you do either.
And if your macOS do crash a few minutes after you have force quit a DxO software, I would look at the macOS side and not the DxO suite.

Although Big Sur is said to be the bare minimum of macOS for PL6 and VP4 - it should be noted that it’s so old that Apple do not offer and more feature updates or even security updates for it.
Unless you run some very important production application which only works under Big Sur on your MBA, I would consider upgrading to at least Monterey.

I’m running macOS Sonoma and do not have any stability problems at all with PL6/7, VP4 or FP6/7 on my Macs.

According to release notes, DPL 6.10.1 requires maxOS Big Sur version 11.6.

If this is not what you have, you might consider updating to macOS Monterey (check your apps requirements before deciding) to get the appropriate installer, check or use softwareupdate in

softwareupdate --list-full-installers


softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version xxxxx

replacing xxxxx with the version you actually want to install, e.g.12.7.1

DPL 6.10.1 Elite

Thanks for the tip.
Actually I tend to be late with Mac OS upgrades. I should certainly get Ventura. I heard it’s stable enough. I must admit I don’t how to get it.

System preferences will offer to install macOS Sonoma 14.1, which is fairly new.
Get the Ventura (macOS 13.6.1, the latest available) installer here:

The download will provide a setup app, which you’ll double-click to get the installer app in your Applications folder. Double-click on that installer to start the update.

I searched the Apple support site and the Ventura page redirects you to the Sonoma page. I googled too and found nothing.
So I went to the Mr Macintosh site and downloaded the InstallAssistant.pkg. Apple first refused to open it so I used the alt key but it wouldn’t run.
You can’t get it anymore from the Apple site?

Could you get it from this link in App Store?

The download seems to work, slowly but steadily.
I’m currently getting macOS Monterey to test the steps involved.

Looks like your rights management has gotten off-track. Hard to tell how to fix without knowing what’s actually set and why/how.

Bingo! :+1:
I first came across a Big Sur 11.7 update. I did it then I found the Ventura upgrade and did it too. It worked smoothly.
DPL didn’t freeze so far.
One of my concern was that I use the Retroactive software (allowing to use certain legacy Apple softwares like iTunes) and which is not certified for Sonoma.
As a rule of thumb I never use the last recently releases of Mac OS. I wait until the other users discovered all the flaws.
Well. Thank you very much, folks, for your kind help. :smiley: My issue was rather off topic I must admit.

Well… it worked for a while. :kissing_heart:
Now DPL freezes after working on a certain number of pics. I have to use the Force Quit feature to get rid of it. Yet last time it took about 5 minutes until it was gone.
The Mac doesn’t crash within the following 10 minutes as it used to, it crashes while it sleeps. Making MacOS crash is a feat!
Any solution?

Download Etrecheck and run it.

It will generate a report for you to look at.
But as you have some modifying software installed I would make sure you uninstall those and any installed kext’s and make sure your macOS is at default state and without any customisations.
You can run this in the terminal as well:
csrutil status

Any other legacy Apple software besides iTunes?
iTunes has been replaced by (well… rather renamed to) Music, but really, there’s not that much difference, certainly not enough not to keep your Mac up to date.

Download Etrecheck and run it.

I’ll do that during the week-end.
So uninstalling Retroactive is necessary?
I am thinking also that because of the crashes of DPL after I upgraded MacOS some files of the soft might have been corrupted. Should I uninstall DPL and do a clean install? Yet there is uninstall program. How to do it if useful?
Is there a tutorial about how to use this forum? I can’t find out how to make a quote with the sender’s name.

Any other legacy Apple software besides iTunes?


iTunes has been replaced by (well… rather renamed to) Music, but really, there’s not that much difference, certainly not enough not to keep your Mac up to date.

I started using iTunes in the mid 2000’s just as a player. I hated it since day one and Apple, as a habit, consistently degraded it over the years. The last nail on the coffin is Music which is downright unusable. I have thousands of playlists and they are messed up. I would need to redo them all.

Hi there

As you were running a legacy system and suffered OS crashes and continue to suffer from them even with a slightly newer macOS therre must be something else but PL that is causing it.
And when you add system altering additions you add a factor of interference - remove those first is the correct way of finding out why this happens.

But run Etrecheck and see what it reports.
Then you can take it from there. :slight_smile:

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I use a M1 MacBook Air 2020 and run PhotoLab versions 5, 6 and 7 on three volumes, with macOS Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma respectively. The MBA being used as a test machine and frequent installs and uninstalls, each volume is fairly lean and clean nevertheless - and they all run smoothly too. I see no reason why, on your Mac, DPL should exhibit the issues you describe, except running DPL on an unsupported version of macOS.

How full is the start volume of your Mac? If there is enough free space, you could do the following:

  1. create a new volume with disk utility
  2. install macOS Monterey or Sonoma on that new volume
  3. when the installer asks for it: migrate data from the old volume…without Applications
  4. wait until you can log in to your account on the newly installed volume
  5. check your data, network connections etc.

Start installing apps one by one until you have what you really need.


  • Why not Ventura? My production Mac is running Monterey and I plan to install Sonoma in a few weeks. I’ll not waste my time with installing an old OS over an even older one and I found Sonoma to be working smoothly, even its beta releases were fine.
  • I used to be irritated by the changes Apple made to iTunes, but decided to move to “Music” and also started using “Apple Configurator 2” for mobile device management. I dropped a few legacy apps, the ones that were never updated by their respective developers…and usually found an alternative app that was supported.
  • Sticking to old software obstinately is getting counter-productive after some time, but some of it can be kept alive on a separate volume or computer if you really must. Drop it, whenever you can, and get rid of the ballast!
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Wow. I have used iTunes ever since its start. Can’t recall the year (must’ve been before 2000, because I still use it occasionally on my Powerbook G4), but it’s one of the most intensively used applications on my Mac. I have lots of playlists, both self-made and smart lists. I have never experienced the trouble you had with it.

Hi folks
Sorry for answering so late. I have been very busy and had lots of stuff to worry about so I forgot about it.
As a matter of fact I started quitting iTunes before launching DPL and I never had a crash since then. It suggests that iTunes is the culprit.
Yet, quite randomly, on certain photos a message appears saying:
Loading error
Correction failed on the Execute stage
Yet I can make all the corrections I want without a glitch. It’s bit annoying because it’s right in the middle of the image. I don’t remember experiencing that before. Do I have to worry about it?