PL 6 and X-Trans : what should I expect?

The title is the question. It seems that DeepPrime XD is not available for my X-Trans files. What else will I be missing for these files in PL 6 ? If these new capabilities arrive too late, what about the update discount ? Should I pay the upgrade and just wait ?



In terms of X-Trans improvements I’ve seen nothing between PL5 and PL6 (XT-4 X-Trans IV) so if happy with PL5 and don’t want /need any of the other ‘upgrades’ I’d be hard pushed to recommend if I’m being totally honest right now but that’s coming from my personal use case.

If, and it’s a big if, DeepPrimeXD finds its way to supporting X-Trans then it might be worth it.

Have you downloaded the trail?

I’m not saying 100% there’s no improvements just that I can’t see any.

As for whether you should upgrade or not. Only you can decide. The consensus seems to be that come Black Friday it will be cheaper or is usually cheaper plus even if you wait unless DxO change their model that discounted upgrade will stand until PL8 drops before you’d have to pay full (they typically allow you to miss one version so you could skip 6 and buy 7 at upgrade price say, but if you skipped 6 & 7 then 8 would be full price assuming you are using PL5 now of course).

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Thanks for the reply.

Not yet. I’ll wait until DeepPrime XD is made available for X-Trans files.

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Another vote here just in case DxO folks are monitoring this… I’m very interested in upgrading to PhotoLab 6, but I will not do so until DeepPrime XD supports X-Trans files. There’s just not enough other new stuff to be worth the cost for me until then.


Same here. I’ll certainly upgrade as soon as I can use DeepPrime XD on .RAF files, but until then, I see no reason to do so.