PL 6.4 : default preset not applied


My default preset (1 - DxO standard) seems to not be applied correctly since maybe the last update, or the one before, I’m not sure (it used to work, but no more).

When I see files in the browser panel, the preset is not applied:

When I open an image in the edit panel, in the history, I see that the wrong preset is applied (2 - Optical correction only), I guess the problem lies here.

I guess there is a problem somewhere in the configuration but cant figure where ?


Have you try to reinit and re-apply the default preset ?

@Yaz I don’t know why the problem is occurring because it works as expected on my system but have you tried to apply the default preset you want to be used manually


directly to an image yourself, to verify that the preset is present and working?

If the preset is O.K. then something might have gone wrong with your config, although why it should then default to the “2 - DxO Optical Corrections only” I am not sure!?

Here is my changed settings after I made the changes I am suggesting below in the “User.config” file.

Under no circumstances try changing the config file!

It is possible to change the name of the config (to preserve the state and effectively remove it) when DxPL will automatically create a new one but the export settings are also held here along with other configuration data and these may be lost if you force DxPL to create a new one!

As a workaround you could try

  1. Apply the “1 - DxO Standard” to an image and
  2. Create your own preset, e.g. “01 - DxO Standard” from that image
  3. Use that new user preset in the ‘Preferences’


and then “discover” a new test image and see if that is applied as expected, it appeared to be in my test.

This is not a fix but a workaround, which may or may not work in your case while the true nature of the problem can be investigated.


Have you opened that image in PL before? If so, then the preset may have inadvertently been changed. When you open the image again PL will remember it’s previous state.

To test this:

With PL closed, rename a copy of this photo to something that PL has never seen before then place this file in a new folder and name it something PL has never seen before and be sure to not put any DOP files in this folder. Open PL and point it to your new folder and see if the DxO Standard preset is applied correctly.


@rrblint In the database and in the DOP (which should correspond). Sorry I had assumed that this was a “first discovery” situation where neither a database entry nor a DOP entry would exist.

However, if the “2 - …” has never been used then the mystery remains.

@Yaz if you try my workaround (once you have checked the @rrblint suggestion) then, if it works you can try to re-instate the standard default of “1 - DxO Standard”.

Hi Bryan. You may be right, I just thought maybe try this first.

@rrblint your explanation may well be the right one since I cannot see any reason why a “new discovery” should start using another preset rather than the default one, unless, somehow (?), it is already in the database (not a “new discovery”) and/or has a DOP “in tow”?

But the problem seems to apply to a directory of images?

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Thanks for your help.

In fact, when I noticed that no corrections were applied, I checked settings to try to figure out why and saw that my default profil was 2- optical correction only. I dont know why it had this value as I didn’t even know what profile was before (quite new to PL), but maybe I changed it at a time by mistake.

Whatever, I reverted it to 1 - DxO standard, so yes, as you pointed out @rrblint, at that time, PL did not discover these images, they were already opened with profile 2.
I deleted the .dop files as I thought the history of corrections where located in these files and deleting them would reset the image, but as you said, if the profile is checked against an internal database, it makes sens that the wrong one was used, even after changing the default profile.

I fixed the default profile, imported again the files in a new folder, and the at first read, the correct profile is used.

Thanks for pointing be out this subtlety :smiley:

Glad you got it sorted.