PL 5.6 issues after update. Windows 10 latest version

After updating to PL5.6 Elite Version, Prime and Deep Prime no longer work. High quality is where i am stuck. Very frustrating as I have about 2k raw images to edit. Any ideas?

Hello @ SailAway

What exactly is the problem, can you explain more detailed what “does not work” mean? Are the options disabled, is theren an error at processing…? Please ensure that you are using RAW-Files from supported cameras.

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I’m on Win 10 21H2 and PL5.6 Elite. Prime and DeepPRIME work for me.

No, that would be me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just tested and no problem the export is ok with Deepprime. ( Win 10 22H2 and PL5.6 )

What camera and lens are you using? I am not seeing that problem. Can you give us additional detail about what you are going?


checked with DeepPrime and 2 different raw formats – no problem here

I sent a request to DXO for support, and frankly, got an almost immediate response. The problem was so simple I did not see it. Somehow (probably user error) I was trying to work on a couple of jpeg files that got inserted in to my RAW files. Obviously, deep prime does not work on processed jpegs. Thanks everyone for your input.

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