PL 5.4 - Trial - Optics Modules icon in film strip?

In the Library and Customize film strip there is an icon at the top right of the thumbs to indicate the use of an Optics Module.

In my samples some RAWs have this icon, some don’t.
But checking image info shows all of them uise an Optics Module.

Is the a special rule when the Icon appears and when it does not?

Furthermore, I can click the Icon and get a dialogue to change the module if required. How to get this function if the icon is not present (I can’t find it in the rest of the user interface)?

That yellow badge indicates a module ambiguity. If the badge is absent, PhotoLab was able to determine, what lens was used.

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Yesterday I’ve seen three versions of the exactly same lenses in the filter settings of C1. But only owning a single copy means: either a firmware update of the lens or the body or various bodies behind the same lens cause different entries.It’s rather annyoing for lens profilers. Once again, photo industry’s “standards” are not worth the paper they’re printed on. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Ok, got it.

  • Camera Icon + Ok sign = there is ambiguity, but user made a decision
  • Camera Icon + ? sign = there is ambiguity, user has not made a decision
  • No Icon = no ambiguity


Sounds good…

Have you tried the user guide yet?
It’s available through DPL’s Help menu.

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Frankly speaking, not till you mentioned it. My expectation and experience with software manuals is: they are normaly so bad, that it is not worth the time to open them.

To my suprise the dxo one is ok (except from not having a table of content or pdf bookmarks).

And guess what, the info about the icons is there.

Thank for triggering me to download the manual. :slight_smile:


You’re rather quick with judgement. :blush: There will be some surprises waiting for you.

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