PL 5.4 - Trial - delete or disable or clear database?

PL has a database that seems to store the same image state information like the side car files (develop settings, ratings etc.).

How do I either:

  • disable the database function alltogether (only use sidecar files)
  • clear the content of the database so it does not contain any information about the images (similar to create a new empty database)
  • or, if the two above are not possible, can I just delete the database files (and PL creates new ones on restart)?

There are preferences setting for storing data in the .dop sidecar files and syncing with the database. Set the settings appropriate for you.

If you want to clear the database simply exit PL, delete the database files and restart PL. The location of the database files can be found in the settings for your database.

Found the preferences already, but it seems one can only set to sync metadata from DB into sidecar files.
There is no setting to disable database at all?

But delete db would do the trick for me while using the trial.

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Why do you want to delete the database? It does not hurt, specially during a trial. The database is just a catalog and PhotoLab can’t run without it.

Because it’s good, proven and traditional DxO user practice to delete all demonical databases [/sarcasm]

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Yes but not without dancing around a tree and sacrificing a goat :smiling_imp: :ghost:

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Otherwise the database could start to demonising - and I would not want to stand too close to that process :astonished:[/cheapinsiderjoke]

Because I found it a quick and dirty way to get rid of all my trial clicks, ratings, tags, edits. Just delete DB and sidecars and you have a fresh start. Very helpful especially during a trial.

And no, I don’t fear or see something demonical here - and I don’t understand what the purpose of posts like this (except from to redicule another user).

Don’t get annoyed @cgidesign this were all only insider jokes. You don’t have to understand them.

Unless you are on a Mac. In which case, the database files can be found here…

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All good then.

Excellent! :grinning: happy trial. The correction in the other thread looked pretty nice, I’d like to add.

Which other thread ?
I must admit, I opened quite a few.

The one where you showed the nicely corrected stairs. Sorry, should reply in the right thread, but I was nearly certain that this one is it. :blush:


While you can delete the database (and any DOP sidecars created by PL) and “start again” there a couple of things that are only stored in the database and which would be lost if you had used / created them. One such feature is the use of Projects. Additionally, History (of changes to an image) is only stored in the database.

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That’s a valid reason, specially if you use DPL as a RAW developer only or as a pre-processor/plug-in for an other application.

If you delete sidecar files regularly, you can also set DPL to not export/sync them at all. Use the menu for manual transfers - if needed.

Ah ok, those stairs were not from me but another user who also has Wolfgang in his user name.

And to all - thanks for the input and tips.

Ah, I was just seeing the green circle round your “avatar”-characters and got a bit confused.

So, on Mac you can’t specify where you want the database stored via preferences - is that correct? If so then another difference between Mac and Windows.

Correct and correct :crazy_face: