PL 5.3 build 59 -exported images ae darker and in some cases fuzzy

The title says it all really but this is what I am seeing when when exporting to a jpeg. The jpeg is definitely darker when viewed in Mac Preview and seems less sharp. Just exported the image back to the folder used biyPL and this is what happened:

Hi Colin,

It appears to me that the JPG has been cropped, does not look darker and is sharper than the NEF. Maybe you picked a bad example. What is your default preset for NEF files?

It is the standard DxO default preset Mark and I did a reset (even dumped the dop) and started again to no avail. The dark appearance is the export to the desktop when viewed in an external application.

The nef is the image I exported so would expect the jpeg to look the same from the crop perspective. The jpeg looks sharper as the nef has been through Deep Prime. I used the standard export presets (full sized jpeg in this case) but it is the same for all presets, jpeg, dng, tiff. And then - I turned off auto perspective and it stopped happening, although the perspective was not corrected of course. I have switched it back on and it now seems ok!!

5.3 b59? For me 5.2.2b65 is the latest

Screenshot 2022-05-07 at 10.56.28

As @KameraD on version 5.2.2 Build 65 here. Updated just yesterday to that and no further updates showing as available.

Possibility a version briefly went live before being pulled? One of the staff such as @Musashi might be able to clarify that.

Would be good, indeed imperative, to know if I am using a flawed release. Hope to hear something form @Musashi shortly.


One can not compare a nef with a jpg. A nef can not be viewed. You will see either the result of the in- camera converter or an external converter.


Not sure we are talking about the same thing. I am talking of PL preview sizes. I fully understand how raw files work and are interpreted so as to present a preview of the image.