PL 5.11 fails to install on Win 10

Just downloaded and run the PL5.11 installer in Win 10 Pro 22H2 and got:

NB I did not (knowingly) interrupt the installation, it was the only thing running on my PC.

I will try re-running it later and report back in due course.

I strongly suggest rebooting your computer before trying to reinstall.


A second attempt, which I definitely did not interrupt, also failed in the same way. As I type a new copy of the update is being downloaded.

I will reboot and then try for a third time.

Both installations for PL5.11.0_4864 and 6.6.0_192 went through (the one for PL5 took time).

[ For PL6 somebody was told/offered to roll back at the moment. DxO is looking at it … ]

Using the fresh download and then rebooting before I ran the installer has resulted in a successful update.

I too found the update took a long time. PL 5.11 then took a long time to open. This despite everything being on a SSD.

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Rebooting is you friend. When in doubt, reboot. :slight_smile: That often fixes memory corruptions that can cause unexpected problems like the one you had.


Indeed but I’ve never had to resort to that when updating PL in the past.

To me, reading this forum regularly, that it appears that with every release DxO’s quality control is getting worse.

I have been a user of PhotoLab and all orher DxO software titles since PhotoLab.1 was introduced, except for PureRAW. I have to disagree with your observation. I’ve had very, very few installation and performance issues with any DxO software in the last 5 and 1/2 years. Those few issues I have had all have been quickly resolved to my satisfaction, usually with no outside assistance required.

The people who report issues here do not necessarily reflect any major issues with quality control. There are many tens of thousands of users of DXO’s products. If quality control was a serious issue, you would see far more complaints on this DxO user site as well as complaints across the internet.

For Windows, rebooting one’s computer, is normally suggested as a first step to resolve installation and performance issues for any software. It can fix memory corruptions that may have been caused by some other software or running process.


No problems with today’s v5.11.1 update.