PL 4: Would be nice to have a portraiture module

I am learning how to use Photo Lab 4, and was wondering ab out the reasons why this great app does not have a portraiture module for eyes, mouth, teeth, and skin?

Have you tried the portrait presets?

I think he may be referring to specific features for eyes, teeth, blemish removal, skin toning, etc.


For skin tint, the HSL wheel can be used to narrow the color range. Unfortunately, it is not available as a local adjustment.

Eyes can be done pretty effectively just using control points, particularly the sat/vib colour, micro contrast etc. Same for teeth and lips.

Skin I find rather more difficult in PL4 alone

Currently I use the tools in Nik ColorEfex to deal with skin tones which is pretty good

Alternatively, I also use the Portrait Module from ON1 to do full portraits (eyes, teeth, skin etc)


I have PL4 Elite, but I haven’t noticed if there is a “portrait” effect I can use to lighten and sharpen the eyes and teeth, plus adjust the skin tone/smoothness, and so on. I do adjust the skin tones within ColorEfex, but that’s about it.

I am not a professional photographer, and the photos I take are of a general subject: photos of the Auroras, some of people (usually family members), pets, and wildlife.

I use a 2019 iMac running under Mojave to do photo editing, and have been using Photo Lab/Nik package, plus the portraiture module of OneOne PhotoRaw. I decided not to update the OS, since it would render CS6 unusable.

At the beginning of the editing of DNG, or Canon CR3 files, I use a standalone Adobe CS6 (DNG files only), and then switch to either the NIK plugins, or to Photo Lab. If the image is a portrait, I use the Portraiture module within OneOne’s Photo Raw 2020.

Then, if I want to resize the edited photo and make it ready for internet posting on JPEG format, I again use CS6 because it has one of the easiest and most efficient ways to size the image, and then make it “web ready” in a very short period of time. The final image is very small (perhaps 250kb in size), but still has the maximum resolution possible.

I understand that Luminar 4 has a portraiture module, and so OneOne’s Photo Raw, but I don’t want to use numerous apps to edit my photos. What is wish to do in the near future is to delete CS6, and use Photo Lab/Nik to do all my photo editing, and in my view there are two modules Photo Lab is lacking:

  1. A portraiture module.
  2. A pulldown menu that can be used to size the image and then make it “web ready” as easy to as with CS6 and other apps.

I would prefer to stick to PL/Nik to do all my photo editing, because I don’t want to use the Adobe CC apps with their monthly fees. I am just wishing for an app, hopefully DXO’s Photo Lab, to have the two modules or features mentioned above. That way I should be able to edit my photos without having to switch back and forth between apps. The fact is that I could do all the editing using CS6 and the NIK plugins, but there is no future for CS6 anymore. A lot of people are waiting for software developers to create an app to replace CS6. I am waiting…

As much as I rarely take portraits, the preponderance of tutorials online suggests this is a common style of photography and competitive products do include features specific to this genre. So I find it hard to argue against such features coming to PhotoLab.

I would, however, prioritise other things higher. Not just all the stuff I want (:wink:) but any widely supported feature requests that would also be of value to portrait photographers.