PL 4 trial coming to an end

My trial of PL 4 has been interesting and at it’s end. On the forums I’ve seen many staunch DxO supporters, and good for you, you’ve found a product that meets all your needs. For myself though coming from Capture One, I see PL 4 as software in need of some refining to make it a truly pro level, all in one product as advertised. I thought I found my future with PL 4 but it’s just not to be, so I must go back out into the cold and look at the next photo editor on my list. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing PL 4, it does some things extremely well and Deep Prime is cutting edge but it also has some missing parts. Just peruse through the What Feature Do You Need section to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

I think a third purchase option at a no nonsense Pro level might be a good option. Something without all the presets, just present the best image possible as a base and allow the experienced user to go beyond if they wish to. Incorporate at this new level all the tools offered by the FilmPack and ViewPoint rather than making them add-ons to be purchased separately.

To speak directly to DxO as a company, you guys are droping the ball on your users. Saying a simple fix for flipping an image is in the pipeline since 2018 is unacceptable when It’s something all the competition are capable of doing. The users need to be not just listened to but heard.

The reason I left Capture One after 14 years is that I recently bought a Pentax 645Z and Capture One doesn’t support it and they view it as competition to their own, medium format, Phase One camera line.

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I’m assuming you are also not interested in Lightroom. In that event you have eliminated all three of what are generally considered the best raw converter/processors available today. Anything else will be a step down in demosaicing and image quality, IMHO.

You specifically mention the inability of reversing an image as a PhotoLab negative. I hope that the lack of such a trivial feature is not an important reason for your decision. Good luck in your search.


Hi Mark,

Trivial to one individual can be important to another. Just as discounting one persons preferences that don’t align with another is not justified. We all have different workflows and requirements to easily accomplish them, that does not make one right and another wrong, it only means there are different ways of doing things to address different needs.

I am looking into Lightroom, my preference is the one time payment, own the software, to the subscrption arrangement.

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It is a problem. My only priority for v5 is to fix all the items in the backlog

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