PL 4.2 Deeprime "Unknown processing error"

Using PL 4.2 I get “Unknown processing error” when using deep prime to export. I’m using Windows 10, GTX 1660, & Core i5 9600K & 16GB RAM.
It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does restarting PL does not clear the problem.
Is anyone else having this problem? If so is there a fix?
I did raise a support case but I’ve had no response

It is a known bug.

Thank you. Is there any outlook?

I discovered that when I encountered this obtuse error it was due to having a low and/or insufficient amount of free memory available. Closing other apps and retrying was always successful.

In my case low memory is not the issue. It still occurs when windows reports 3GB free. Closing and restarting Lightroom clears the error though.