PL 4.1 Lost older image manipulation

Hi there!
I use PL 4.1 (after update from PL 3) with dop sidecars. I developed successful a mix some older traveling images with the delightful DP. After some time without using PL, including rebooting an switch off and on, I can not find my modifications anymore! They are simply lost…

I definitely need some advice now! Is there anybody out there who has experienced the same problem?


Are the .dop files still in the same folders as their associated image files? Have you renamed or moved any file outside of PhotoLab?


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If you can answer @mwsilvers’s questions with yes and no respectively, you can manually import sidecars, be it from the menu bar or the context menu. This should bring back the corrections.

Note that it will only work in cases where file.ext and file.ext.dop are in the same folder (file.ext being whatever your file names and formats might be e.g. IMG_1234.cr2 and IMG_1234.cr2.dop)


There are .dop files in the folder. Old ones from the first development (with OP) and new ones from the last days (with PL). The image browser just shows one image with data.

The files (cr2 and cr2.dop) are in the same folder.
The import results in a virtual copy and the master has the old manipulation data! That is very nice and positiv.
But why the virtual copy? And why did the database lost all this data? Who can I be sure not to lose them the next time?
Until now DxO was rock solid with the database. This is some new problem for me, and I am an old fart…

@Holla, as far as I remember, the formats have changed a few times from version to version. Going from OpticsPro to PhotoLab might include such a change, nevertheless, a newer DPL should be able to import older sidecars or databases. Sometimes, I’ve had virtual copies too, but not as a rule.

You cannot be sure. Things can get lost if the gap between versions gets too wide.

I lose the data in the db between different starts of PL 4. Losing data between versions is acceptable but new for me.