PL 4.1 Localization issues

DPL 4.1 (and probably before that) has a few opportunities to improve german localization.

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Here, you call it “Beiwagen”, in the menu, you call it “Einstellungsdatei” which is the better word imo.

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“Zusammenbrechen” is used e.g. when a person has a nervous breakdown, “brechen” is the part that irritates me. You could use"erweitern/zusammenfassen" or “aufklappen/zuklappen”, the latter being my first choice. Any native Germans out there with ideas for a better wording?

Note: Apple Mail uses “erweitern/reduzieren” for conversations.

The “zusammenbrechen” popup relates to tools and palettes, not to the object the mouse sits on.
moreover, there is another quirk:

  1. When I right-click in a tool and select “alles zusammenbrechen”, all palettes collapse, except the one on which the mouse rested when I clicked. On the other hand,
  2. when I select to expand all, not only the palettes expand but all tools in all palettes expand too.

Lol, I brake together :wink: But indeed, its on every tab if you do a right click. But besides that, I haven’t seen similar somewhere else.


LOL, Ich bremse zusammen… (brake/break)

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wäre auch meine Wahl - would be my first choice.

English for run aways :wink:

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Ha ha ha! Very funny.
The Microsoft Explorer (file manager) uses “reduzieren” for the same procedure. So that would be one possibility. Or “zuklappen” as suggested above.

“I brake / break together.”

You made my day!

As far as I’m concerned, @Guenterm posted the possibly best wording here:

Anzeigen/Verbergen seems conclusive, once one has realized that it’s about palette content.

Using simple words, “Paletten öffnen” and “Paletten schliessen” looks okay too.

I finally address an issue that has been irritating me for a while:

The bottom entry says “…erhalten” which is the opposite of destroy. According to what the manual says, the function (if activated) takes metadata from xmp and adds it to the database. If this is the functionality (and it looks like it), the word “erhalten” should be replaced by “übernehmen”.

I would add to “…übernehmen in Datenbank”

same in Windows
Screen Shot 12-17-20 at 02.59 PM

So, what happens? When activated, does it just keep included XMP-Metadata intact, while otherwise erase them, or does it change / include something new (keywords …)?

The answer is in post Nr.9 (use scroll-handle on the thin blue line to get there) and in the guide.

If checked, metadata is copied from xml to the database. As far as I can see, only keywords and star ratings are copied. Imported stars come up in yellow, stars set by DPL are ±white.

Thank you for directing me – I also found the German version (PC / Win), see this extract –

  • XMP-Metadaten von RAW Bildern erhalten: Ermöglicht es Ihnen, Metadaten, die in XMP-Dateien zu Ihren Originalbildern gespeichert wurden (z.B. von Programmen wie Adobe Bridge), in die Metadaten der Ausgabedatei einzubetten.

and your explanation. After rereading several times and a quick research, I think I got it. :upside_down_face:

Ist schon okay, manchmal braucht’s ein paar Anläufe :wink: