PL 4.1 color wheel

When selecting a color range with the picker, pressing control does nothing.
What’s the trick?

Press control and click on the chosen coloured segment. Everything except that colour range will be desaturated.

It might be a nice feature but it’s not easily discoverable.

We talk about it here
I had a hard time understanding :wink:
When you vary the colors by pressing ctrl DPL only displays the areas where the color is present.

I see now that one has to move the sliders while pressing control.

Tom, I am using Windows 10 latest updates and I do not get the same effect that Joanna describes when I hold down the control key and use the color picker. For me I see nothing happening. I think this is probably another case of Windows and Macs being different.

I would suggest that the wording needs to be changed to say that you have to press control and click

Joanna, it just doesn’t seem to work with Windows 10.

It works with win 10

Are you clicking on the colour segment?

Capture d’écran 2020-12-09 à 17.32.13

Joanna, for me it simply does not work. I have held the control key on Windows and clicked on every possible item within the color wheel tool. I also see that it sometimes selects purple on the color wheel when on white and at times blue when on white. There is a problem with the tool as I see it. I’ll wait until there are clearer directions on using this tool. I bought a product to work with and not to become a beta tester. Appreciate your trying to help.


You have to click then hold control and move the sliders.

Yep, also if fine for me on Windows 10.

Thank you. It works.

thank you for the explanation. – The HSL tool is easier to handle now.

Color Wheel , color selection problem. Il seems to occur on crop photo. I sent a video to dxo support.
No crop, it works fine.
Crop, it doesn’t.
No crop, it works again.
Just a little bug, in pixel position calculation. Waiting for a fix.

Bug signaler à DXO le 9 décembre, correctif livré le 16. Bravo à l’équipe DXO.