PL 3 Windows: Invert Adjustment Masks is missing?

Hi, after some webinars for PL3 I just installed the PL3 test version. At the moment I have a license key for PL1 Elite and VP3.
At the moment I’m looking for some features shown in the german webinars.
I found out that for the Win Users the keyword feature is not present at the moment. OK.
Now I’m searching for the adjustment mask to be shown, to be inverted. Is it also missing in the Win Version? Which new features are also not shown in the Win Version?

Hi, I answer my questions partially by myself.
I found ‘Lokale Anpassungen’ on the right side under ‘Wesentliche Werkzeuge’.
In the webinars everything concerning local masks was placed under the picture.
In Win there are very often to find at the top left of the picture.
But what I’m still missing is the ‘black and white’ picture to see which parts of the picture will be affected by the local adjustment.

Hello Stephan, try M and Shift+M and I can higly recommend to read the manual

Sorry for me ignorance. I thought I had seen a button in the webinar (MAC) and not a shortcut.


  • Black&White - is the mask for U-point and it can be enabled/disabled only with a shortcut “M”.
  • Blue mask is for all the rest tools.

Svetlana G.

I have seen again the button for the ‘black and white’ picture: “Ausgewählte Maske anzeigen” on the webinar yesterday.
You can also see it in an ‘older’ webinar: 16:38 (MAC)

I haven’t read the manual, but I had a closer look at the webinars.


Yes, Stephan as I have already said above: on MAC it looks like this:

While on Windows you can enable it only with the shortcut “M”, there is not a special menu item for that:

Svetlana G.