Pixel readout in crop window

Hi guys - I didn’t upgrade from DxO v11 as PhotoLab 1 lost the pixel readout of the crop one was making and would like to know if it is back in PL 1.2?

There seemed nothing new in PL over DxO apart from incredibly crude porting of U-point technology, for which I can still ‘Export to Application’ to Nikon Capture NX2 where it was brilliant (and also has luminance histogram for eg making birds’ eyes lighter).

When using ‘Export to Application’ to GraphicConverter, knowing the image size avoids unnecessary resizing on export. GC where ‘Core image filter’ has ‘Luminance sharpening’ as well as a better Unsharp tool

Hello Crisscross,

Actually it is back :

You may try the last build to check if fit to your needs.

Thank you for that ie your screen shot showing it.

However, my 30 day trial of PL 1 is way out of date now, though I think I only used it for a few days and my account shows £69 for upgrade. Don’t know if 1.2 is free or even more. So seems rather expensive to just try

Even if the demo is expired you can use PL to know if it matches your needs.
The only thing you will have with an expired demo is a Watermark on the processed picture.

OK, I have caught up and will try it. Thank you

Is there an upgrade cost from PL 1 to PL 1.2?

BTW: The local adjustment tools still seem to be very chaotic and the sliders for highlights, mid-tones etc nowhere near as effective as working with a light value histogram (LCH in Nikon Capture NX2). Really seem to be just paying to keep up to date at present.

Actually I don’t have in my my copy of PL 1.2.1. Its probably a Mac vs Windows difference. Its looks like you are running the Mac version. I am running Windows 10. The pixel size does appear in a very small box in the bottom right hand corner of the crop box, but it is so small on my 28" 4K monitor that it is unreadable.

I also do not have the hand icon just to the left of the crop tool. What does it do?


Hi Mark - LCDI’s screen dump is mac and the pixel readout at the bottom right is quite legible (iMac 5K 27"). When cropping, hand appears (a) before you get to the edge of the original crop box you are given, then becomes stretch arrows at the corner (b) if you then go to the middle of the box, it moves the whole box around the screen. The hand in the tool bar is a general mac thing for moving things around the screen that is safe and neutral, not being a tool that might cause unwanted editing

This is my understanding of DxO’s licensing model. Buying 1.0 > gives you access to 1.2 and inevitably 1.2.1. You’ll get all updates for 1.x free. When 2.0 gets released in Nov. it will be offered to you at a discount.

is this date for sure? that soon?
So we get 1 year of free update improvements?
(because when 2.0 is released there will be no further adjustments/ improvements in v1.2.x.)

I’m still new to PL. I had some of the same questions before I purchased. When you buy the software, v1.x for example, you get all updates for the version your own free. When the next major release comes out, (example v2.0) it’s offered at a discount for those who own an earlier version. If you own 5 versions back, don’t expect to receive the very best upgrade offer, it’s prorated, and may not apply to an ancient version of Optics Pro (for example).

Updates are also not based on a 12 month timeline. You get updates until the next major version is released. Version 2.0 release… The info I received from DxO was based on previous cadence. I was told this would likely be November. This was not a date set in stone, it was an anticipated date based on their product roadmap. I’d say be opened minded. Things can slip. Will updates for v1.x continue after 2.0 is released? Probably, maybe… for a short while, but eventually development will focus solely on the latest release. This is not Microsoft, or Apple right. The product life cycles are understandably much shorter.

One other important detail. A trial version that you failed to act upon and purchase might not guarantee you a discounted purchase price. Promotions do expire and you have certainly had more than enough time to evaluate the software… its not DxO’s fault you only used it 3 times. If you can buy the current release for $69… that’s a great deal… just don’t be surprised if your own reluctance to purchase means you have to pay full price for waiting half a year.

I would not count on it. On the other hand, there is no year mentioned. :grinning: I think, the ‘Nov’ is just a sample timepoint to illustrate, how things work with licensing.

OK Rick, having downloaded 1.2 trial then gone back to my account offer, I have the 1.2 at the discount price.

My reluctance was based on important features being taken out as new one(s) put in. I realise there is another important loss, namely Smart Lighting v7, which I use only every few months when doing a church interior and seems I will have to plead for it to be reintroduced. Meanwhile DxO 11 stays in the applications folder.

The great beauty of DxO (which I think I have used since v4) is that it’s intuitive and, in most cases it has been a full processor, not just a RAW converter. But there are still things that need a more technical approach using curves and numbers and I am finding that maybe 25% of images need further work in another application.

I am hoping the U-point will be properly tamed and integrated soon; I realise its a big task.

Pfeehw, i was just happy to notice that things are evolving/improved in corporation with us customers and that they made significant steps from v1.0 by using user experience to find the less good points in there software and improve that for the same users. (That was one of the reasons i bought the software.)

I don’t mind paying for a new version a upgrade fee if that be a significant step forward in any means or a add of new things which i was waiting for. But most of the time with other photo editing software i skipped a version (or two) because of the limited improvement/new tools.

yes i know, it is this or adobes “leasing”/month for x amount. Which has plusses and cons also. you pay for newest version every month and if you stop you lose the functionality of the application. (give it back.)