Pincushion distortion and other artifacts with some Leica Q2 raw images

I am getting strong pincushion distortion on occasion and other artifacts on some, but not most, raw images taken with a Leica Q2 using the macro mode setting on the camera. I am also getting some other artifacts with that camera only, such as: distortion along a band on one side or the other of the image, random blank blocks within the image, about the size of the thumbnails, that will not display while the rest of the image will display. In a series of images taken with exposure bracketing, only one seems to be affected, most often, the first image of 3 (-1 EV) in the bracketing series. I have it set for the DXO camera profile (Leica Q2) and the DXO Lens module for the Q2 is installed. I am at PhotoLab 6.5.1. I don’t recall seeing these effects in Photolab a release or two prior. I’ve attached a screenshot of the pincushion distortion.


In the Distortion Pane check “Constrain to Image”

It appears you have the recently-added “Constrain to image” option turned off in your Distortion palette or in some other adjustment palette in the Geometry section. What you’re seeing is very likely the result of distortion correction, not a lack of it. It’s just that the image isn’t cropped correctly.

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Thanks, that appeared to work. Had to look a bit to find that option under the grayed out advanced settings. Odd that only some images appear to be affected, perhaps one out of three taken in rapid succession.

Odd indeed, unless the camera doesn’t write metadata consistently.

We could try to reproduce your issue if you posted a link to a share that holds the image files that show the differences.