Pin the Histogram

This is basically the same request as this one: Nail down the histogram

Please provide a possibility to pin the histogram to the upper end of either the left or right sidebar. On small screens, a pinned histogram would greatly improve DPL’s usability.


Always put my histogram on the top of the left bar and have the Navigator, EXIF info, Presets and minimised History below it. This way the histogram is always at the top unless I want to adjust presets our look at history, which is very seldom. I find this works well.

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Moving docks don’t bother me on my 27in iMac. On a 13in Notebook, the panels keep moving out of sight all the time. Briefly checking the histogram takes some scrolling…and that’s why I propose that the histogram should be pin-able.

Let’s say that palettes could be pinned. We’d be able to put a few important items in that palette and leave the rest to move in and out of sight.

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That’s a good idea – and the user can configure it to his/her needs.

Fair enough :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

On that basis, this gets my vote too.

John M

What I do on my MacBook Air is remove the left sidebar entirely to give me a bigger viewing area. I configure the right hand sidebar to have the histogram and EXIF at the top and expanded, with all the other palettes collapsed and below. I then have the editing tools I use all the time as favourites. Workflow in that (saved) workspace is, toggle favourites - that gives me all my frequent editing tools or histogram, EXIF and everything else at the click of a mouse.

It’s sounds more complicated than it is but works rather well for me. Still, pinning in all views on the right would be easier, so +1 from me

I use a similar approach, but often use the tone curve and HSL tools, which take up a lot of space. I also tried workspace setups in which I had tools in both sidebars. This works as a workaround, but pinning a palette would improve the situation imo.

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yes, pinning at the top, NOT necessarily on the right – even better w/ a palette, the user than can configure

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so far, we’ve not been able to see a tool panel without a palette…except when we switch the right sidebar to display favourite or active tools. Sadly enough, the histogram (and others) don’t respond to these filters.