Picture distorts while editing

I’ve just installed Nik 6 and noticed that while I’m moving a slider in any effect in colour efex, the image is momentarily distorted, something like pixels jumping around. Anyone else having this problem?

quickly checked in Nik6.6.0 – no problem

ok, I shot a video of an edit and then isolated two frames to find out what’s going on. The quality of the picture degrades as I’m moving the slider.

I had a similar problem with PhotoLab but there’s tick box in the settings called ‘always prefer high quality previews’ that fixes it.

Ah, ok.

go to File, Preferences …

and check, if enabling GPU helps.

Thanks for this. No, that was the first thing I tried. Makes no difference. I do have a discreet GPU (3060).

That is literally what it is there for.

On some hardware, leaving it on could make editing laggy (or slower). This is because displaying a preview in high quality also requires some processing power.

On my computer, the only difference I notice is what you describe - i.e. the image sort of blurring or slightly vibrating when making adjustments. In terms of speed I can’t tell a difference, so I always have it on.

The point is that unlike Photolab, in Color Efex the tick-box makes no difference whether it’s ticked or not.

Sorry I misread and did not pay attention to where you posted the question.

Color Efex (i.e the NIK collection) does not have the same option. You can enable the option to use the GPU for processing as mentioned by @Wolfgang, but that is for the processing of the adjustments and not the preview. I don’t think the blurring/pixel jumping whilst moving the sliders can be avoided here.

Thanks man. I see. I’ll stick with Nik 4 then. Same filters but no problem there.

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For anyone who might be interested, the above holds true for version 7 regardless of claims for performance improvements.