Picture crop - smart lighting

Not sure if that´s a bug:
If you crop a picture e.g. with two faces and after cropping, there is only one face visible. Smart lighting still recognizes two faces. Makes no sense to me.
Therefore I think DXO takes no care of the cropped pictures, it always considers the full image, also for other automatic functions like micro contrast.


I never saw.
It’s a problem.
In the meantime, you can deselect the other face.


You would have to remove the crop first, or better usesmart lighting befor cropping if it doesn’t take account of croping.

Because although you have cropped it, DxO retains all the info outside the crop in case you want to revert or even reset the image back to original.

Hence removing the 2nd face info would probably be awkward and simply leave it.

Or as others have suggested, do the crop and then the face smart lighting.

Thanks for your help.

The question is now, maybe the result of smart lighting will be different if DxO takes only care of the cropped image. As I wrote, it might be the same thing with other automatic functions.

Hello guys,

  • Yep, true the SmartLighting feature takes into account the cropped part as well (especially visible on MAC where a cropped part is displayed).
  • In your case it’s better to remove the smart lighting rectangle from the face which will be cropped out and then apply Crop.

Svetlana G.

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