Photoshop plugin compatability

Nik plugins work in Photoshop and PL. However, PL will not accept any other PS plugins. For those of us transitioning from the current Adobe rental (silent partner) model to a traditional one-time payment license, there are some PS plugins that I would like to use but cannot. I do not mean that one exports a DNG or TIFF file, uses the PS plugin, and then attempts to re-import that into PL; I mean direct use so that whatever PL provides to a raw (in my case, NEF) file, would still be provided after use of an non-DxO plugin.

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Svetlana G.

Nik is not a real plugin. It’s a stand alone program you use outside pl, lr or ps. It’s called with a name of a diskfile and writes the result back to disk.
A real plugin should work on the in memory image as part of the main program.


I have looked at the files after running many of the Nik plugins in the Adobe product and workflow that claimed compatibility (Serif Affinity) before I finally selected PL as my primary post workflow (currently PL 4 Elite, MS Win 10 environment). These may write temporary files with some intermediate format, but there is nothing left over other than the standard files left by the application (.dop for PL, a different extension for Affinity, etc.). If an intermediate format file (say a temporary TIFF or DNG “type”) is written to disk, I do not see it – it might be auto-deleted. Some Nik plugins do require an intermediate export, but others appear to work directly with the workflow on the raw file (NEF in my case, with the specific NEF changing as bodies change). In Affinity, the ones that do work leave the changes made to be further changed by the calling application (Affinity) and that seems to be the case for PL as well. Do you find intermediate processing files (not .dop) left over on the file system when you are done with an image?