Photoshop Elements compatibility with Nik Collection 4?

I currently have Nik 3 which works with both my Affinity Photo and Photoshop Elements 2019 programs (Windows 10). It would seem that Nik 4 probably won’t work with my version of PS Elements. Therefore, before I go any further with upgrading to the latest version of Nik, I’d like to confirm that this is the case.

I understand that only Viveza and Silver Efex are new (I’m not concerned with Perspective Efex since I have the PhotoLab version). I’d be happy enough to use Affinity to access the updated versions of Viveza and Silver Efex. OTOH, the other components of the Nik suite remain as they were in version 3. This being so, I fail to see why they would not work in PSE 2019, but if they no longer do, I will not be upgrading unless/until the entire suite is updated. (I find that for processing images purely for web display it is easier to use PSE than Affinity, less faffing about duplicating layers and creating masks.)