Photoshop crashes with Nik Collection Filter in Smart Object

I’m an experienced professional photographer and longtime user of Nik Collection. Since I upgraded to High Sierra on Mac (15"mid 2017 MBP 14,3) I too am experiencing the Photoshop crashing problem when a Nik Filter is re-adjusted.
I work from raw files in Lightroom. I roundtrip the file through Photoshop with ‘Edit in > Open as a Smart Object’ (because that enables me to modify the underlying raw file if necessary and also to go back and update a setting such as a Nik filter effect, even after it has been saved back to Lightroom).
When I open a Nik filter such as SilverFXpro, make the adjustments and then return to PS (with ‘apply the filtered effect to the current layer’) I get the expected result.
Likewise, when I then go back to the same Nik filter by clicking on the smart layer filter effect, make a re-adjustment, and return to PS, that works as expected.
But, if I do anything that requires the Nik layer to be re-rendered in the background, Photoshop crashes.
Specifically: cropping the image, or adjusting another smart filter layer (sharpening for instance).
This is a deal-breaker for my professional workflow.
I need to be able to re-adjust images from the raw files but the Nik Collection tools under both Google’s ownership and now DXO’s are preventing me from being able to do that in my workflow without considerable workarounds, all of which require rendering smart layers.
This Photoshop crashing behaviour is a constant and repeated concern amongst Nik Collection users yet there has so far not being any clear and reproducible fix offered in the many months since.
I suspect that it is an issue that only affects High Sierra Mac users with an APFS startup disk and possibly only recent model MBP owners based on the various forum posts I’ve seen on the subject.
Can we expect a fix to this problem anytime soon?

Dear Adrian,
Can you install the new Nik Collection EA1 release? and try to reproduce again, if this issue is still actual, please let us know.

Thank you,

Hi HT,

EA1 release? I don’t appear to have access or have had a link sent to my email. Am I missing something here?


Exactly the same problem, with the same questions that you have.

Maybe you can take a look on the new released version here :

Despite being able to download the beta tests of Nik to see if the crashing behaviour was fixed over the last couple of months, I was at no stage able to install in a trial version, despite the support from DXO.
When the full version came out, I still couldn’t install the trial version and the support requests to DXO went unanswered.
With the rebate option running out today, I bit the bullet and bought the full version and thankfully, not only was I able to install but all previous problems that I had experienced with Nik Collection apps appear to have been fixed.
Specifically the crashing behaviour and the previously posted colour management mismatch problems.

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