Photoshop Crash

I am having a problem with exiting the NIK/DxO plugins and returning to photoshop, the action causes photoshop to close at random, no set pattern of actions cause the crash. I primarily use Silver Efex and Color Efex. It is similar to the problem that the plugins had in the past. I have tried apply to new layer and apply to current layer.

Hi Barry,
Greetings. I’m afraid you’ve left us with many questions.

What version of NIKs?
What version of Photoshop?
Windows or MAC?
Which OS?
Hardware Specs?

Other users as well as DxO staff will need to know these things in order to better understand your environment. If you are using windows, have you looked in the Event Viewer for information about why Photoshop closes (date and time). Error information might be captured when your issue occurs, even if randomly.

The open case is 182977. I ran some suggested diagnostics and answered a lot of questions. The problem is similar to a problem that happened with the plugins in the past. At that time the workaround was to create a duplicate layer in photoshop prior to going to the plugin. In the plugin you had to select to option of applying the output to the current layer after clicks okay.

I have an open case with Dxo that is about 6 months old. I have the latest nik plug ins. I use photoshop CC, IMac Pro with Mojave. I am out and can post specifics Monday when I get back home on Monday. I have been work with the support folks, but have not had much luck so far.

Right, I see. Couldn’t tell this from your post since it was your first and didn’t contain this information.