Photos in double, loss of some edits

I took some of my time to edit my new pictures, and once done, i copied my raws to another place for storage… Then some of my edits (most of them were lost…

so I decided to move the file back to the folder they were… and now it is duplicating my pictures…

Any advice?

  1. did you set PL to work with DOP files?
  2. did you move the DOP files along with the RAW files?

This is quite common, especially for virtual copies. What is happening is that the database retains changes for files not removed from within PL and then tries to reconcile files added back in by ensuring that you have both/multiple versions, so that you can choose which versions you want to keep or delete.

Let us know the answers to my questions and it will help to decide on how best to resolve the problem.


1 - How can i check?
2 - Yes of course.

At least I recovered my work but that was scarying.

Look in Preferences…

Are you on Mac or Windows?

I’m on windows,

Here’s my setup, seems ok. lets see if the error comes back again on a later work.

But it seems that you are right and the database tried to recover corrections…