Photos edited in Photolab 4 with ICC profile attached show up dark on Flickr

When I’m editing a RAW and exporting it to jpg with my monitor’s ICC profile attached like so:

When I upload it to Flickr, the photos show up darker than it should be. However, when I upload the same photo to other image hosting sites such as Dropbox they show up exactly as they should.

With other RAW editors such as ACDSee and Nikon NX Studio, I always export to jpg with the profile attached. When I upload the photos to Flickr they show up fine. It’s only with photos exported by PL 4 that it shows up dark.

Any idea what the problem might be?

always export as sRGB for web-presentations (never with your monitor’s profil)


Actually never export with your monitor profile. The monitor profile is only for, well, your monitor.