Photos disappearing when clicking on "star" ratings

When assigning a star rating to photos, they disappear. WTH

Check your filters which could make your photos disappear from your thumbnails when you change your star ratings.

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Thanks I will see if I can find and check filters.

That happened to me.

This image should explain it:

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 19.18.27

If I change the star rating, to anything other than ONE star, it will vanish, as your images did.

Un-check to check mark in front of “one star”, and the image may return.
Un-check all the stars, and you should see all your images, with no stars, or any number of stars.

At first I was lost - but it’s really quite simple. In the above example, I won’t see ANY of my images unless they have ONE star, as I have selected.

Remove that check mark, and all your images will return. Or, add more check marks for images you want to see, perhaps two-star images, if you add a check mark for that.