Photomechanic to DXO PhotoLab and back to Photomechanic color mismatch

I have an odd problem. I look at and cull images in Photomechanic 6 and bring certain images into PL 6.9.0 to work on. There is no issue at that point. When I then take the image from PL back to PM there is a major color mismatch.
I work on a MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.3.1.a. That laptop is connected to an Eizo monitor with which I’ve had no problems.
All my color settings have been checked and are correct across programs. The issue is visible when the PL and PM versions of the image are on the Eizo, the MacBook Pro or one image on one monitor and one on the other.

I have not idea what’s going on or what to do about it.
any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!

The image you take back…has it been customised in PhotoLab?
Major colour mismatch? Can you post screens showing the before and after?

Hi Stephanie … (It feels strange for me to spell your name that way - as, unusually, my sister’s name is spelled Stephenie).

Which colour-space do you specify when you export from PL ?

Do you still see differences when you specify output colour-space as (basic) sRGB ?

John M

in addition to @platypus and @John-M questions…

  1. Which image do you “take back”? I mean, when you go back to PM, are you looking at the RAW file or the exported TIFF, JPEG or DNG file?
  2. Which working colour space do you use in PL?

What do you do in PM? And what kind of files do you use in PM. And what do you export to PL?


PM shows the embedded jpg file for raw files whereas PL works with the raw data only.


Image sync is not one of Photo Mechanics best capacities. Nothing is happening automatic. PM though is not about images. It´s about metadata as you know so here are a few tips.

Even if You have activated sync between Photolab and PM the image itself will not be updated if you change an image in Photolab but the metadata will and that´s the important thing. So in order not to get too frustrated about this the best workflow is to cull the images in PM and then develop them completely in Photolab and export your JPEG-files or whatever first. Especially important is when you add virtual images in Photolab before you have added metadata to the master image, because then you will have to add metadata manually on all the virtual copies and that is no fun even if you use “copy metadata”. If you add metadata first to the master images that metadata will also be copied to the virtual copy when you create them. Much simpler.

The only way to get an update of a JPEG in Photolab to be reflected in Photolab is to reexport that JPEG (overwrite it) but that will not be visible before you “Scan” the folder these files happen to be in. I always use to separate my RAW from JPEG of this reason. There is no problem having folder hierarchies in PM since unlike Photolab PM is able to display all images on all levels in a hierarchy.

Here an example of three colored motorbikes

Right click on the JPEG-folder and select “Include this folder when scanning to catalog”.
That will open the dialog below. Press “Scan”.

If that doesn´t work of some reason delete the JPEG-folder and select the folder with your RAW a level up and do the same trick. This will index even the catalog below and after that the JPEG-folder will appear below the catalog with your RAW. Don´t be afraid to delete folders in PM because they are all virtual. Nothing will happen to either folders or files and they will reappear when you rescan them.

Good luck reindexing

Export from PL to PM is in sRGB, John.

In that case, Stephanie, I reckon @KeithRJ provided the best explanation for what you’re experiencing;

When you’re reviewing images with PM you’re actually seeing the JPG image (as produced by your camera) that’s embedded in your RAW file.

Later, once you’ve exported a JPG from PL and you view this image in PM, you’re then comparing your camera-produced JPG (embedded in the RAW file) with the JPG produced by PL when it processes your RAW file … These images are very unlikely to be the same (unless you specifically try to replicate the features of the embedded JPG in the settings you use with PL to process your RAW file).

Hope that’s clear …

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