PHOTOLIBRARY (DAM) is not as bad as it is currently being discussed in the forum!

Today I tested DAM with 50 000 RAW images. The construction of the database was completed very quickly. If the folder structure was well chosen, it’s a nice feature. Thanks DXO guys!
But DXO should not invest much manpower in DAM. I think it would be better to work on speed and new features.

I also want to praise DXO!


While not perfect - half of the features are not “as bad” as currently being discussed in the forum. Again, I’m not saying there isn’t room for improvement, but PL even with its limited new feature set v2.0 ~ 2.2 is not so bad. I might feel differently if I was using the product for more than 2 yrs, but for me its been a small investment for lens and camera support not offered in LR and I will never rent software. Industry standard or not, Adobe can kiss my @$$.

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i think the discussion wassen’t about if it was bad. More if the resources used by making this DAM shouldend be used better for other things.

Small but significient detail.

And A DAM is as good as it’s way to place tags and keywords and such. read and search only is fine but not very usefull on it’s own.

But as we speak they working on that. So in the end it will work properly.


Understand that Peter. I visit the forum every morning. Over the last 6 months, I’ve seen a fair amount of DxO bashing. Like others I’m interested more in a diverse feature set balanced with quality and speed. I have less need for DAM, but also understand that this is important to others.

I know they (DxO) will come through in the end, but it might not be fast enough for everyone here. Development does take time. I’m all in, and am pleased with the product overall.


There’s also an issue with the database in general getting in the way of just reading the DOP files and creating potential conflicts where there are none. I hope by keeping DOP files turned on full time, I won’t get into a conflict situation. I do find myself having to delete the database occasionally for folders to open properly. It’s ridiculous that a photographer should have to regularly delete a database s/he didn’t want in the first place.

I’m posting against DAM usually but if the DAM could be made to pay its way like ViewPoint as a separate module - PhotoLab should always remain usable with sidecars and no DAM or database - my enthusiasm would increase considerably.