PhotoLap 7.7 Elite Bug Filmpack 6

Unfortunately I have just updated to the PL 7.7 version. It was displayed very briefly that I don’t have the current Filmpack version and when I started my PL 7.7 Elite version I realized that the additional setting options in the Contrast area were actually missing. With such errors you get rid of your existing customers in the long term. I deliberately leave out Filmpack 7, it offers nothing that would justify the update price, I just wait for version 8 of Filmpack. But simply removing functions that you have paid for from a program after the fact in order to force customers to go along with every update is definitely not a good company policy.

In this document → it is said, that FP6.22 is also supported by PL7.

So what you say means the information given by DxO it is not true? – Just asking.

DxO has some problems according to this:

I do hope that DxO has pulled the update(s) until things are set right again.
We’ll see…

See my post here:

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From what I understood, yesterday there was an issue with Photolab’s license (solved quickly by dxo). Also, from what I understood, if you have filmpack/viewpoint, you have to enter their license in PL again to get them (re)activated.
Did you try that already?

Hello Artphotowerk
there was an issue yesterday, which affected some users. It was fixed around 6pm. If you still encounter issues, first make sure your system time and timezone is correct. Otherwise open a support ticket to have your case analysed

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Since I still have VP 3 and unfortunately no longer have the miniature effect, not everything is okay…

Check that VP is activated. If not manually re-enter the activation code.

I had to download VP 3 again because the pure activation did not work. I then reinstalled it and only then was I able to activate it. Quite a lot for such a small update what you expect from the user, there seems to be no good quality control internally if so many problems occur.