PhotoLab3 vs Canon 5D4 DP

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Will the dual pixel be supported in this new version and if not when do you plan to implement it?
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Hello @Franc6,

dual pixel isn’t supported in PhotoLab3.
We have to work more on that to get a worthy result but new features take a lot of our bandwidth and so I can’t give you a date of support for dual pixel.


Hello @Marie,

Thank you for your answer.
Let’s hope asap then :wink:


Bonjour @Marie,

Toujours pas de visibilité sur le calendrier de développement du dual pixel ?

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In the meantime EOS R generates DP too. Time will tell, if there are more cameras on the road for this feature.

@Franc6, you may want to install Digital photo Pro 4, just to see what this feature will actually do. It’s really hard to get an idea from reviews because most don’t understand it’s benefits. It is almost useless with a “wide open” aperture, i.e., f/1.8 on a lens with a max of f/1.8, which seems to be what most want. I generally make sure my aperture is a couple of stops above max. So, if your lens has an aperture “sweet spot”, that is the best way to go. I use it quite a bit in macro photography. You also have to remember that this is a “Micro Adjustment” similar to the feature in a lot of cameras that allow you to solve Front and Backfocusing issues in lenses. Overall, it’s a pretty cool feature if you don’t expect to much from it’s micro adjustment. It’s more of a fine tuning tool that allows you to make micro adjustments to the focal plane. Sorry if I am repeating things, I just want to make it very clear for all that these are very small adjustments.

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Hello @Newton-A,
Well I know all of that, what is your point?
As you said, it is a nice feature very useful time to time.
The only advantage to DPP4 is to manage DP, but for the rest, PhotoLab is much more efficient!

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