PhotoLab wouldn't "start over" on an image

PhotoLab 1.2.2. I processed a jpg file in PhotoLab (using Viewpoint), didn’t like the the result and wanted to start over. So I deleted both the dot file and the resulting jpg file, then opened the original jpg file in PhotoLab. It opened as I had previously left it, meaning that PhotoLab had somehow “remembered” the prior processing even without the dot file. I renamed the jpg file and that worked. But how did PhotoLab “remember” the prior processing without the dot file?

Hi @mwr,

Photolab not only register your work into .dop file (and you can choose not to do it in Preferences panel), but also into the internal catalog.
And if there is no .dop file, it remembers changes by this catalog
That’s why renaming file get rid of it.

But you can also simply start over by applying the default preset route are using (or the “No correction” preset if you want to really start from scratch).

Thanks, that explains it. And the "No correction” works just fine.

Your answer also got me to explore using the HDR - Realistic preset which I had not even discovered before. I used it on a problem RAW image that I had worked hard on with other software, fusing images etc. The HDR - Realistic preset plus a few other adjustments produced a better image than anything I had done before, and in a very short time.

Please note that the “No correction” preset also do not make any correction to correct lens defaults, so you should ensure to activate them in Detail palette.

So I encourage you to try other presets as they may give other good ideas and then build your own preset.