PhotoLab with RAW files on wifi connected network drive

I am wondering if PhotoLab always directly loads/accesses all RAW previews from the place where the original files were located. Other RAW software build proprietary thumbnails that can be accessed quickly. In my case all RAW files are stored on a network drive that connects via WiFi - so PhotoLab is extremely slow initially displaying just 800 pix from one shooting session. Did I miss out a setting that allows me to build previews at the beginning so accessing the original location is only required when you want to directly work on a file.

Cheers, Timo

I fear what you need is a DAM that will work as you do. Some of them will allow multiple catalogues (I use it on a laptop with cataloguing just the current year and a second catalogue for a USB drive that has all my images on it as well) and most will build previews that can be used when the imiges aren’t even accessed. I use Photomatix Pro and I know other PL users use it when keeping there images on a NAS or server. PL isn’t really very good in my view as a DAM which is why I don’t use it as such.

Thx, John. Currently I’m using CaptureOne … been a Lightroom user for years - and both locally save their own previews. So you instantly get an overview of your catalog. With PhotoLab it takes 3 minutes to just get all pictures loaded for one session (each time you start the program). This is not what you want :wink:

PL is really processor pretending to be a DAM

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