PhotoLab wants me to download the wrong module

Hi, sorry, it’s me again.

I just shot, for the first time with my A7Rii and the FE 90mm F 2.8.
The app wants me to download the A7Rii+Tamron 90mm F2.8 modules.

What should I do? Thanks.


I have the same issue with a Tamron lens. I have the 70-300mm VC DI and I have the correct module installed, but it keeps suggesting I download the Sigma or the Canon equivalent lens.


I had not noticed I already had the correct module, but is the app “using” it?

Chris - page 21 of the DPL manual should help you to answer this question

page 21? Virtual images?

Not sure what that has to do with the issue?

I have looked at the section relating to Optics Modules (p7 and 8) and there is nothing about blocking unwanted/incorrect modules. My Tamron module is installed, but I then have to manually assign the module to the images, and on each PL startup it tells me that I may need… and lists various combinations of Canon and Sigma lenses, none of which are correct.


Unfortunately, it’s a normal behavior.
There is confusion between these opticals. They all have the same name in their EXIF summary.

You can ignore this stage.
You’ll see an icone on your thumbnails (see the end of this page)
Klick on “DxO Optics Module ambiguity” and choose the correct one
DPL proposes to extend your reply for all same images



Yes, I have sorted the ‘ambiguity’ until the next time I take pictures with that lens.

Basically it sounds like the manufacturers and their use of EXIF data? One would think given the relatively small number of body and lens manufacturers that they could come up with a simple EXIF standard code that would uniquely identify each and every lens. It has hardly an infinitely large number after all.

This would benefit everyone.

No customer queries to manufacturers about issues (which aren’t issues at all). Programs that could easily identify the correct bodies and lenses etc.


I also noticed that the ambiguity icon can go away when you remove the wrong lens modules at a later stage…


You observation is correct. I have seen the issue resolved with a couple of my lenses after I deleted the wrong module.


Except I had the correct module and PL wanted me to download the wrong module.

Using the DxO Optics Module Ambiguity works, but if you upload more later, you have to do the process all over again.

The odd thing is that when I first got the lens, it correctly identified the module needed and which I downloaded as usual. It is only now that it is being problematic.


sorry - wrong user guide. In case you have not done already anyway, have a look here:

Under “Displaying and working on images” it lists the optical indicators which DPL provides. In addition I would reach out to support - to check if the module is correct. I would assume it should recognize the lens.

Nope, not helpful. I managed to find it earlier and it doesn’t really apply.

I deleted all modules that might even be close (I used to have a Canon 70-300mm) and also deleted the Tamron 70-300mm module.

I restarted PL and it correctly identified that a module was missing. Clicking to download it gave me the set of options it thought might apply, including the correct Tamron one. I downloaded that and it is now appearing correctly in the EXIF data.

Perhaps a corrupt file originally? or became corrupted? I will see how it holds up when I upload some more from the same lens later this week. If I get the same issue I will flag it support.

Just a variant of “Have you tried turning it off then back on again?”! :grin:


Good tip, Platypus and John McSaky.