Photolab V6 Possible bug in Heal. Ctrl Z shows all masks after a heal

Using Elite version on Windows 10.
Using Ctrl Z to reverse a heal (repair) initiates a show all masks as well as reverses the heal. This behaviour was not in Photolab V5 Elite. It is the Ctrl key that shows all masks not the combination after the first heal click.
Continuing to click Ctrl Z then walks back through heals.
You then need to click the show masks button to turn it off.

I’m not seeing that on my Win10 environment, Keith (or, perhaps, I’m not quite understanding your point).

Regardless, tho - are you toggling the “Show Masks” to be able to see the result of your reTouching ?

If so, you will find it easier to simply move your cursor anywhere off the preview screen … all reTouch controls will then disappear out of the way, and your reTouched result will be displayed.

HTH - John M

Thanks for replying John from the other side of the Tasman :=-)

I click on Retouch
The cursor over the photo changes to retouch mode
The two popup control panels popup. Show masks button is off.
I click on spots to heal. I see the result on the photo.
Cursor is still over photo. I use Ctrl-Z to undo last click and all the masks appear as well as the last click is reversed.
If I shift the cursor outside the photo and use Ctrl-Z to reverse the last click the masks do not appear but the action is undone.
It seems that clicking CTRL while the cursor is on the photo turns on the masks and if CTRL is held down the transform action on the popup appears.
Solution as you suggested is to move cursor outside preview window when using CTRL-Z

This is different behaviour from V5 as you could use CTRL-Z while the cursor was over the photo ( no masks showing) and see the change.

Maybe not a bug but a feature :slight_smile:

No worries, Bro !

That’s not quite what I meant - Rather, I’m saying you don’t need to bother about toggling mask=on/off in order to review your reTouch changes … just move your cursor off the preview screen for same result.


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It took me a moment to understand ‘the problem’ :slight_smile:

When you revert the last step with < Ctrl + Z > you may want to

  • simply delete the last step (same as using the history)
  • correct the ( → visible ) mask
    a) the mask’s position
    b) add to or subtract from the mask
    c) transform the mask’s size

There is no hotkey to activate / deactivate the mask you could use
→ without moving the mouse cursor away from where you are working on.