Photolab upgrade from 6 to 7


I just purchased Photolab 6 and found out that Photolab 7 will arrive in about 2 months time. Am I entitled to upgrade for free or do I have to pay again?



the last time I think it was like this =

So you jump the gun too soon …

For those in the future reading this … Since the product was rebranded “PhotoLab” circa 2019, DxO are fairly reliable about issuing a new major release (V x.0) of PL late in the year every year, October-November time frame.

For the OP, I believe an upgrade price, which is typically 50% off of the standard pricing, will apply.

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ideally DxO can give gradually changing discounts based on timeframe counting from purchase and thus prevent people from timing the matter… say from 100% discount if purchased the day before new release to 50% discount if purchased > 365 days before new release to 0% discount if purchased > 2 years before new release … something like this

Isn’t that DxO’s matter how they run their business and not material for discussion?

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Indeed. As it is, DxO allow an upgrade that can skip one version for, usually, 50% of the full price. So they are already being quite generous.

The great thing is, once you have bought a version, it is yours to keep and use for eternity. Unlike certain software that you can’t use if you stop paying or, even, if you haven’t got an internet connection when you start the app.

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Perpetual license sounds nice, but in reality, DxO stops product support fairly soon and if you need a new computer, you might exceed the number of allowed installations. You’ll then have to get in touch with support in order for them to remotely access your PC to remove whatever needs to be removed…which is hard to do if you already left the old machine with someone else or for recycling.

Compatibility data given in the charts linked above should be understood as “supported”. Older versions of PhotoLab can run on newer versions of macOS, but would not get any help from DxO, in case that something didn’t work: Both of my Macs (with current OS releases) have PhotoLab (version 1) installed and it works…with a few issues, e.g. the viewer’s zoom level. I don’t need DPL 1, so not getting any support does not matter to me.

All in all, perpetual license means that you are allowed to have the software installed as long as you like, it does not imply that the software will run perpetually or that you’ll always get support though.


only if you do not need a company to activate or download anything - because once the company is out of business the servers will follow


replace “like” with “can” or “able” :grinning:

For the right price, I’d jump on a subscription for PhotoLab if DxO could demonstrate incremental delivery of new features and continuous improvement.

The thing with ‘perpetual’ licenses is a differing expectation (for me, anyway) that what I get on day one is what I’m paying for and anything that comes along in the next 12 months is a bonus.

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Current update policy for PhotoLab seems to include the two most recent versions, which means that a license buys one mayor version, two years of updates and help covering DPL on three versions of macOS.

Whenever an update is available, I download the full installer(s) and keep them for backup and fallback.


I’d probably do it too, specially if the subscription were modeled to keep full functionality as with C1. As for the right price…it would be interesting to see what DxO would ask.

I can get one year of Lr+Ps for less than 100.-, Capture One is asking roughly 180.- p.a.

I’d also welcome the return of the “Premium Bundle” btw.

As would I.

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Evidently it is something that customers wish to discuss.

I’ve been in this situation twice and I’ve written to assistance, which has been very understanding.

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No they are not! And just say that you have to pay for the upgrade!

That I find fair enough if I knew the release dates at time of purchase. Like I said before, that info is missing on the website next to the price when you purchase the product.

Of course you can find the info somewhere, but it should be clear from the time of purchase that you only buy a license for the current version and that you are not entitled for a free upgrade.

It’s the same as buying a tv or a other device which gets updated, renewed, replaced from time to time. You have to check for your self if any new is gona be released in the near feature. With gear you know because they offer great discount on the soon to be replaced hardware but with software it’s less visible.

Safe to say alway’s check there release date’s and there smallprinted consumer rights :slightly_smiling_face:

I aksed the same as @noname wrote when i bought v1.2 and was surpriced about v2 comming that soon back in 2018? Isch that would be fair but then again your 50% off for upgrade every year would be always 0%. :crazy_face:

Ive rather the 50% off i think every year…

First time, I saw them in “Salon de la Photo” in Paris and the man told me “Send me an email”.
Second time, I send directly an email.
Perhaps in French it was easier !

Update policies vary greatly, but major versions ask for cash in all but the most relaxed products. Selling products is not usually accompanied by full, transparent truth, but by something that does not quite qualify as a lie yet.

DxO’s current policy for PhotoLab seems to be something like:

Buy a license code and get

  • the current version of PhotoLab
  • updates for two years / the two most recent versions of PhotoLab
  • compatibility for the three most recent versions of macOS
  • support by human beings over an unspecified period of time
  • no discount if you upgrade from current - 3 (and before)
  • small discount if you upgrade from current - 2
  • medium discount if you upgrade from current - 1
  • possibly free upgrade if you bought within a very limited time (days) before release

CAUTION: all of the above is a) info gathered from reading the site and forum, b) right or wrong or something in between and c) subject to change without notice. Use this info at your own risk and responsibility.

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Perpetual licence (what was called licence for any software not sot far ago) always came with a period of free update. This has always been like that.
Why do you call this a bonus ??? There is no bonus here.

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