PhotoLab Preference Settings

I’m shooting RAW and importing directly from my camera. Wanted to see what settings others were using, and why. I am not using any adobe products in my workflow. Also not running any monitor calibration software. I’m using Standard now.

Preferences > General tab > Correction
DxO Standard, No Correction, Neutral?

Preferences > Display > Common
Current Monitor Profile, Generic or Adobe

Preferences > General tab > Correction
DxO Standard is a very good start for the best use of the functionalities.


I use my own preset as a starter.

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… based on DxO standard for my part.

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There arn’t a lot of preferences to choose from.
preset for raw , id made my one from the dxo standard.
preset for jpeg, just left that default.
display default is Generic profile for display with no specific calibration. because i don’t calibrate my screen.
(output can also be sRGB)
Use dopfiles for easier movement outside Photolab .

that’s it.
some change in profile of toollist on left or right is possible.