PhotoLab Mac Users : Status on Catalina (formerly Don't upgrade to CATALINA topic)

Dear Mac PhotoLab Users,

As you may have heard, the new version of Mac OS X (10.15 - Catalina) has been released.

We strongly recommand that you do not upgrade to this version as PhotoLab 2 is not compatible .
The teams are fully focused on fixing this issue and will release an update as soon as possible.

We’ll keep you informed.

------ October 16th 2019 - Update ----------

The fix available for PhotoLab 2 users is already available.
You should have been warned to update your version to 2.3.2 on startup.
Please do this update before installing Catalina and you won’t have any issues.

For those of you who have already upgraded their macOS, a fix will be available anytime soon to fix eventual ghost images, or database issues in finding images.

------ October 31th 2019 - Update ----------

Fix has now been released for PhotoLab 3 as well (version 3.0.1)

Topic changed title as we constantly keep you informed of our work regarding Catalina and PhotoLab.

Thanks for your comprehension.
The DxO Team.

Dear Team,

thanks a lot for your effort. For me it is too late, but I have not encountered much issues, although Photolab is quite unstable. The hardest thing right now for me is to type in a certain percentage of magnification in the zoom field. It simply does not work.

Good advice.
Never rush to update a running system.
This year is another “bad” year for macOS and we should be very careful before updating.
They worked like crazy at Apple and the modifications are huge. Unfortunately it is not finished today. It will take some weeks or months until macOS is stable and until all our favorite software gets the right update.
I can imagine the nightmare for publisher who need to maintain several version like DxO with PL2, PL3, etc…
Good luck to all of us :four_leaf_clover:

What exactly is incompatible? I have already updated - will Apple have to correct errors, or will DxO? Please provide more detail …

Thank you.

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We are already working on the fix, and doing our best to release it as soon as possible. We’ll have some more details coming as we move on with this.

If you already upgraded to Catalina and run into some issues, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team so we investigate everything properly.


Good idea to open this thread. Macos updates are always full of trouble, so sharing information is key.

I upgraded a spare laptop to identify bugs (while my “production” machines will stay with Mojave until at least December), and have not seen any PL 2 issue yet; I will try to put some time into testing more with it.

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MacOS Catalina has been in beta for months. Didn’t you encounter this during the beta?

Anyhow, when can we expect a patch?


Sometimes, we don’t have any other option. Many people were facing screen glitches since 10.14.6, which are fixed in 10.15. :frowning:

I have been working with PL and Catalina and the only issue I encountered was the manual zoom entry previously mentioned and some highlight shading in the preset selection box. Some mention was made of some database and adjustments issue with it but I guess it doesn’t affect me since I always generate sidecar files and have not seen any hidden/lost adjustments.

For me any way, I have only seen the minor things that I can easily live with and nothing “catastrophic”.


Some mention was made of some database and adjustments issue with it but I guess it doesn’t affect me since I always generate sidecar files and have not seen any hidden/lost adjustments.

That’s indeed the one, and unfortunately, we hadn’t detected it because it occurs only when upgrading an existing OS version to Catalina, where we usually install the new OS on a separate partition while in beta.

We have already released a first fix that should prevent issues for people who hadn’t upgraded to Catalina yet. You’ll need to update PhotoLab before launching it on Catalina.
We’re still working on the full fix, to resolve the issue for all users who had migrated already, so I don’t have any planned date yet.

There are also other smaller issues that we’re working on fixing as well.


Hello, “PhotoLab 2” does not even start on “Mac OS Catalina”, but only brings up the following error message:
“DxO PhotoLab 2” can not be opened, because Apple can not look for malware in it.

Catalina beta is been up for some months now, this is pretty poor to be honest.


In my opinion that is a relatively later warning. I would expect for a professional software developer to test the betas and warn the user before the final OS version is released - disappointing.
At least an Explanation why this warning was given so late should have been given.



I upgraded last week, too late for me and poor show from the publisher. Left DXO till last night when I uploaded my Full Moon shots. The only thing I did notice was the automatic correction when you open the folder in PhotoLibrary did not work and you have to click on individual images - then it still doesn’t update the image. :frowning:

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One issue I encountered while upgrading from Mojave (10.14) to Catalina (10.15) is that the folder structure of ~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary changed dramatically in Catalina. Where you had a Masters folder with a timestamp-based structure, now Apple decided to use a GUID-based structure in the originals folder.

As a result, while migrating to Catalina, I have .dop sidecar files that MacOS cannot migrate to the new Photos folder structure, and you also end up losing the connection with the original.

For instance, the master file and the sidecar file at the following pre-Catalina location:

~/Pictures/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary/Masters/2019/09/01/20190901-092527/IMG_1234.JPG
~/Pictures/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary/Masters/2019/09/01/20190901-092527/IMG_1234.JPG.dop

may be located in 2 locations after the migration:

~/Pictures/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary/originals/A/ABCE6345-380C-41B2-827D-28CDE6EFF091.jpeg
~/Pictures/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary/Masters.legacy/2019/09/01/20190901-092527/IMG_1234.JPG.dop

As you will see, the filename, path and extension have been changed for the original, but not for the sidecar.

I always wonder too. How can companies like Adobe not fix showstopping bugs in a 4 month beta period? Some things are only found out once it is out there (e.g. plugin compatibility) but some things should have been tested way earlier in the process.


@shutterfreak It is a very bad idea to let any 3rd party software access the photos library (.photoslibrary) directly. It is an internal database for the Apple Photos app. If you do this and you have problems it is not the software vendor to blame.

The only thing I’d ask from DxO is to make it harder for novice users to shoot themselves in the foot by not letting them expand packages like .photolibrary as ordinary folders.

It was not my intention to blame anybody with my post. I only wanted to warn about important changes in the way MacOS Photos manages its photo library.

I suppose I ended up having .dop sidecar files in the wrong location because I was using the “Photos Library” folder in the finder window under Photo Lab.

I have the same problem… Frustrating.

Sometimes, we don’t have any other option. Many people were facing screen glitches since 10.14.6, which are fixed in 10.15. :frowning:

Oh I totally understand. But waiting a few weeks more would have brought more benefits this year since it was announced everywhere in the computer press that Catalina is not mature and asks more time to the developers to adapt their Apps.
Of course huge companies should invest more to be ready on time, but, in the end, what is all this race about ? Do we all like to be under pressure at work ?