Photolab loses all image settings


I am using DXO Photolab 6.9.1 on a M1 Macbook (Ventura). My camera is a Nikon D780 and the images are on an external SSD hard drive.

I have the problem that the program from time to time “forgets” all (no time limit) made settings and changes to the images (RAW of course). That is, I work with the program and go away from the computer for some time. After some time I want to continue and all previously processed images are back in their original state. The same thing happens with the metadata. Or I close the program and continue working on the next one. Under certain circumstances everything is fine, but the problem can also occur after 2 or 3 days.

This is not only very annoying, but already catastrophic for some work. If a *.dop file is created, then all settings should be stored there, or do I see it wrong?

Even when backing up the project database, I get this error message at the very end: “Attempting to access an object that was not fished in memory”. But strangely a file with the name “*…dopdata_v6” is created.

Would be very grateful for any help.

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Creation of DOP sidecars depends on how DPL is set. Per default, DOP files are imported and exported automatically, but export is asynchronous and it can take a few seconds for a change to appear in a DOP file. Under these conditions - and if nothing or nobody messes with the DOP or database files - settings and metadata should never be lost.

Have you checked your drive with “Disk Utility” (Festplattendienstprogramm) and do you back up your Mac with “Time Machine”? Are your image files on a cloud drive or NAS?

I checked the SSD (APFS) several times with Disk Utility (first aid). No errors. This disk is also not backed up with “Time Machine”. Have extended the access rights for this SSD. Everyone is now allowed to read and write.
All new images are backed up by hand to a NAS before processing. After development is complete, the finished images are dragged and dropped onto a NAS.

This morning I had the problem again that some images had their settings disappeared. Then wanted to restore the project database, that was terminated with an error (“Attempting to access an object not found in memory.”).

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By default, PhotoLab’s database resides on the boot drive (Macintosh HD, I called mine “MacDrive”) somewhere like this:

MacDrive > Users > platypus > Library > DxO PhotoLab v6 > DOPDatabasev6.dopdata

Now, if you use TimeMachine for your boot drive, you could go back in time and copy over an earlier backup (before your troubles began) of the database. If you don’t use TM, then it might be time to try the following, and I’d use the order I list below

  1. Delete the database file (usually, they come as triplets) - and test if the issue returns
  2. Delete the database and PhotoLab and reinstall PhotoLab - and test if the issue returns
  3. Boot into recovery mode and use Disk Utility to check/fix all volumes of the boot drive and check…
  4. Boot into recovery mode and reinstall macOS, then reinstall PhotoLab (before testing)

Occasionally, someone of DxO proposed to make a complete cleanout of PhotoLab files. This takes some more effort. If you want to do this, get in touch with me via private message.


  • Deleting the database does not hurt that much on a Mac…except if you edited images and metadata (keywords, IPTC) and did not save .dop and .xmp files.
  • DPL’s database can get off-track depending on what we do to the photo folder structure (renaming, moving files or folders etc.) while PhotoLab doesn’t run - and as of now, DPL can’t fix most of these issues, which makes deleting the database a relatively easy fix.
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Sorry for the late reply. Was a few days on vacation and have great pictures can make.

Your answer has helped me a lot. I deleted the file “DOPDatabasev6.dopdata”, restored the *.dop files and since then everything works again.
All in all not a big effort. Great.

Thanks a lot for your help,
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Great to have a backup too!

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