PhotoLab is locking up my computer

PhotoLab 6.8.0 Build 242
Windows 10 Home v.22H2
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor, 3.60 GHz, 64 GB RAM
GeForce RTX 2060, lots of Video RAM

Hi all. Longtime PhotoLab user here. No issues to date.
Recently however PL6 will lock up the computer solid (requires power-down) any time I switch between apps (programs/windows).

I’ve uninstalled all previous versions of PL. Uninstalled PL6. Reinstalled PL6, updated PL6. Ran PL6 as Administrator. I can edit images, but whenever I switch to a different program (such as the Thumbnail window, or any other program/window), it locks up solid.

Anybody have a cure? Many thanks!

Might need a inplace windows upgrade to sort out windows problems. Other than thst video driver but windows problem sounds to me most likely after having simuler problems with a different program

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most current video drivers from Nvidia?

  • use blue_screen_view or another app from this site to get more infos
  • use DDU to uninstall Nvidia drivers and install actual drivers
  • increase pagefile.sys
    Hope it helps, Gerald

As asked above are you using the most current nVidia Studio Driver?

Also, was there a recent Windows update? If so then perhaps there has been a Win file damaged, if so one tool to use is SFC (System File Checker)

Info about how to run it here
Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files - Microsoft Support

Hi folks. Wow, thanks for the quick help and suggestions.

After posting I tried reinstalling DirectX (no help). Tried disabling OpenCL (helped a bit, but still locked up after a while). Then updated to the latest Nvidia drivers, and bingo it’s working normally again!!

Apparently Windows had done a recent update (auto updates are turned on). Something about NET Framework etc. Yikes.

Sure glad the problem wasn’t something deeper! My computer has been rock solid other than this incident. Many thanks again, and I hope others will benefit from this thread.


ps. Absolutely love what DxO PL has done for my images! I recommend it to anyone who’ll listen!

I have nearly the same PC specs, (Rtx 2060, Ryze 5700, 32Gb, win 10/11) with no problems in any version of PL.
Looks like you have problem with Windows or Nvidia . Check that all your system software is up to date.