PhotoLab Integrated Plugins?

As I looked through the FAQ, it looks like some of the Dx0 products actually integrate into Photolab whiles work as traditional plugins (such as Nik). So my questions are:

  • Which Dx0 Products integrate into Photolab as panels?
  • Of the products that do, are they part of Photolab (with non-destructive editing) or are they still creating TIF’s/DNG’s and calling out to the Dx0 products and returning modified TIF’s/DNG’s?

Ideally, I would really like to know which packages tightly integrate with Photolab. Thanks!

Both FilmPack and ViewPoint integrate completely into PhotoLab. You do not even need to install them, just enter your licence keys and the relevant palettes will appear.

Everything you do from within PhotoLab is non-destructive.

… and add a summary document :wink:


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

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… and this information is missing on DxO’s homepage !

(I don’t mind marketing stuff, but not at the cost of these necessary infos)