Photolab - Export option for noise reduction

Since prime noise reduction also slows down the general editing performance, it would be a good feature to be able to optionally select the method in the export settings. That could work as an override switch, with a neutral setting by default.

I would also like to start the current export selection using a hotkey, apparently it is not possible to assign one.

Using DeepPRIME instead might solve your issue.
Export times will depend on the GPU though.

Thanks, of course I know that I can change the noise reduction.

But this is actually why I suggesting this option.

The kind of noise reduction has a big influence on the responsiveness of the program in total. Images with HQ NR are displayed qucker when I select a different image.
That is really surprising, esspecially since it has been said I do not see the effect in the preview. I think the contents of the little preview window is also updated when not visible.

I am suggesting to add a compobox to the export template properties:
Noise Reduction: Default / HQ / Prime / Deep Prime / Deep Prime XD

“Default” will use the selected method, all other will override the setting to a better or worse setting.

That would be easy to do and have a big impact on the total editing experience. I can use the best NR only for the final export of my image and use the quick NR for my JPEG previews. This also helps with the export performance.

Of course the work around is this: Select all Images, select NR HQ and when finished select all and “Deep Prime”.