PhotoLab download marked as potential unsafe file by Windows security

I downloaded the latest update for PhotoLab and got some Windows security messages, not sure if this is only in Edge (I run the developer channel) or also in other browsers:

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-16 080437

Anyone else got these as well?

I reported the file as safe but it might be better to figure out how to prevent this? As a developer you can contact Microsoft to resolve it.


This is actually expected. Any app which adds a new certificate for example will have it.

Deeper explanation will be here - . Please, wait a bit.

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,
maybe I am a little dense, maybe a lot, but I see nothing on that page which answers the asked question: So, there’s no fix for that message? I had the message and just bypassed it, but it still leaves a poor impression and might frighten newcomers to PL.

After not seeing any smart screen warnings on my last update, I did see the same dialog above when I ran the 4.1.1 update a few days ago.

Not a big deal.

Users should not be afraid of a warning dialog when running an application or upgrade they intentionally initiated. Its not some random website or unintended download. A user has to deliberately choose to click and run the app. Windows is doing what it should do, alerting the user that running this application, if unintended might pose a security risk.

This is not something DxO needs to “fix”, as the OS is doing what its suppose to. Microsoft has stated previously that it would be employing enhanced security and require vendors installation files to include publisher and valid certificates information to meet minimum security requirements…

I also reported the installation file as safe.


The ‘fix’ is down to Microsoft.
They have a list of approved apps and security certificates. Anything not on the list throws up a warning.

A new certificate may not yet have been approved by MS and then released as part of their usual security updates. There is nothing the DxO can do except wait for MS to catch up.

Just had it installing the latest DxO upgrade btw.


Hello guys,

  • This is absolutely true. As a new certificate was used to sign, here is their reply “The new version of your software will have to build up some reputation again. Having an application digitally signed does not automatically bypass the smart screen system it just helps to establish reputation”. This is actual for any other application. Please, just wait a bit.

Svetlana G.