PhotoLab doesn't read sidecar XMP files

I use FastRawViewer 2 to sift through my photos to choose those I want to work with in PhotoLab. I use the XMP Label facility in FRV to choose photos, so I use Green for “picked” but when trying to filter to the chosen picked images, I can’t see any facility to filter by XML Label. Even using the stars rating in FRV isn’t recognised in PL nor vice-versa.

Am I missing something? I’d reasonably expect the contents of XMP files whould be used by PhotoLab 5

PL5 doesn’t use the XMP Label tag. It uses a ProcessingStatus flag in the DOP file, which is an internal numeric value.

But it does both read and write the XMP Rating tag.

I’ve not found that to be the case with the latest version of PhotoLab 5, I’m guessing just setting the rating in PL5 actually writes the rating to the XMP file? Or is there a further action to actually commit/save the changed rating to the XMP file?

I just cleaned out the database, and DOP files from my testing folders, and, as soon as I set the Rating in PL5, both the DOP file and an XMP file are created.

If I clean everything out again and start by setting a rating in FRV, then that gets written to an XMP sidecar, which PL5 reads.

But, be aware that, if you have a file whose rating has been set in PL4, that rating is lost when opening it in PL5, since, in PL4, it is stored in Rank in the DOP, which PL5 doesn’t read.

How do I do that? I’ve googled “photolab clear database” but can’t find the folder that’s mentioned in the solution

If you make use of either projects or persistent history, or you don’t use DOP files, deleting the database will lose of of these.

What platform are you running PL5 on?

Windows 10

check in menu → Edit → Preferences → General → DxO PhotoLab database

screenshot shows my custom setting !!

the standard location (= when not modified)

c:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 5\Database\ …

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I don’t think anybody has mentioned here that PL5 reads the rating in the XMP sidecar if it is present when it first finds the raw file. If FastRawViewer is used to set or update the rating after PL5 has first seen the raw, PL5’s view of the rating does not change unless the ‘always keep synchronised’ setting is on in the advanced preferences - this is what it looks like on a Mac, I don’t know what it looks like on Windows:


Exemplary empirics. We need more of that to know istead of just guess or believe. Believing is nothing that has any sort of future when analyzing metadata issues.

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Thanks @Aearenda that did the trick