Photolab crashes when applying multiple control points

I have experienced several crashes when trying to apply multiple control points on an image. Basically, every other time I duplicated a control point it crashed.

A crash submit form pops up but as I am using Windows strictly off-line, I am unable to sent it so I report it this way.

You can open a ticket to the assistance and add a screenshot with the pop-up.

DxO will not pick up on your post as a report of a problem. They will only deal with support requests via this page:

Okay, thanks for the replies.

Yes I had three using four or more of them yesterday. it sent off a report as I was on line.

I can echo others response above.

I filed a ticket and DxO asked that I install and submit log files, which I did. I can’t say if anything was accomplished.
Subjectively, I have been able to avoid the issue by closing out PL occasionally then returning to the photo and trying to be more selective about the number of CPs I use. I note others appear to have a similar issue when doing lots of clone/repair edits. Just guessing, but Seems like the programs fills an edit buffer and crashes.