PhotoLab be able to use iPhone 11+DNG Files And Apply DCP Files

PhotoLab7 be able to Use Files From iPhone 14

you might want to fix the subject line… that is to support iPhone 14 - because for supported camera models PhotoLab IS able to use DNG Files And Apply DCP Files

In mine iPhone 14 Pro max shows Un Supported.I have to use Write ColorChecker to to make the DCP File.

It seems to be DXO policy to not support smart phone cameras because they do not produce conventional RAW or DNG files. The “RAW” files that phones produce have already been processed, with the changes “baked in,” so DXO algorithms do not work:

“In the case of current smartphones, it must be understood that to compensate for the technical limitations linked in particular to the extremely small size of the sensors and their photosites, the RAW files produced are not the raw data of a single shot, but an accumulation of ten to a hundred shots, taken in bursts, and undergoing a whole series of operations and treatments.”

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