PhotoLab as Apple Photos Plugin

Inspired by the “DxO OpticsPro for Photos”… isn’t it possible to deliver a “PlugIn-Version” (or something like that) of PhotoLab for a better integration with Apple Photos?

PhotoLab is great RAW development tool but it never intended to do photo/file management. That’s fine for me, but nonetheless some kind of photo management software is needed - why not use the free tool from Apple? At least on the Mac.

If I remember correctly with the OpticsPro for Photos it was possible to save the editing results. In the end the DOP-files have somehow to be added to the Photos database.

Wouldn’t that be nice? And it looks like it did already work a little bit.

Regards - Matthias

This is a good idea. I have the DxO Optics Pro for Photos, but don’t use it much anymore since I have the full product.

I know this is an old topic, but I would still like to see this functionality in PhotoLab 3. I can send RAWs to “DxO OpticsPro for Photos” and just about any of the competing photo editors I have tried, but not PhotoLab 3, which is a shame. I’d really like to edit in PhotoLab 3, but my cataloging is still in Photos, so editing in PhotoLab 3 isn’t a practical option…

Still not available. :frowning:
Alternate workflow is to use PhotoLab first and afterwards store the results in Apple Photos. At least that’s the way it works for me as long as the plugin-solution is not available.

  • Matthias

So sad. I just don’t understand why not. Obviously they know how to do it, since they did it with “DxO OpticsPro for Photos”… Just enable it already!
I;m not a fan of editing before going into Photos. I want my DAM (photos for now) to hold met RAWs, I want the opportunity to easily go back to the original and re-edit, if need be. Like when technology improves. Perfect case - I’d love to re-edit she of my older photos in photo lab 3, but can’t without so many extra steps it just isn’t worth it. I get “good enough” results with other apps that do work as a photos extension. Though I would probably get awesome results with photo lab. I guess I will just hold off un future upgrades until it happens. (or the photo lab DAM matures significantly)

I think the problem is that ‘Photos’ can handle RAW and JPEG together, but is unable to manage a third file with ‘editing data’ like the .dop-files of PhotoLab.
For me the noise reduction in particular and the user interface of PhotoLab in general are my personal ‘killer features’ of DxO PhotoLab2. But your mileage may vary of course.

Yes, did the same request in a new thread here: