PhotoLab and the taskbar

A small complaint: In full screen mode, PL “steals” the screen and when I move the cursor down, the auto-hiding taskbar is not showing up. I can press the Windows key to show it but this is kind of annoying.

Why is this an issue? I may want to compare the image to the same image in LR, for example.

Yes I’ve noticed the same thing. PhotoLab is not the only program which acts like this. I have around half a dozen other programs running on my Windows 10 machine which also do not allow me to access the auto hidden taskbar when running them in full screen. I’m not sure whether it’s a Windows issue or an issue with the various programs.


LR does not behave like this, or Edge, etc. Perhaps it is some setting which the developers can change.

If I get a chance later I will post a list of the various software titles on my Windows 10 machine that exhibit the same issue.



I have tested this with all my photo related programs and they all let the auto hidden taskbar ‘popup’ including PL4.

The one thing a did noticed but failed to make a note of each in turn was that with PL4 (and some others) was that once the Taskbar is activated (so to speak) it is sticky and I need to put the focus on the program by clicked anywhere within the GUI area.

Note ~ W10 Pro 64 bit version 20H2. nVidia GPU running driver version 457.38

HTH to try to resolve why you and others are seeing it differently.

I confirm that my Auto-Hidden task bar “pops-up” with PL in full-screen (F12) mode too …

John M

This obviously differs from installation to installation since I have the same issue as Socrates Therefore it may be related to some Windows setting or some other installed software.


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Good morning,
there are a lot of HowTo’s and the most of them says
“If you’re experiencing problems with your taskbar auto-hiding feature, just turning the feature off and back on again can solve the problem.”.
Would be a first try


That was the first thing I tried quite a while ago. It had no effect with PhotoLab 3 or PhotoLab 4. I just tried it again and it did not fix the issue. It is a bit annoying but I can live with it…


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Dear Mark,

my last idea is to follow solution 2 of 2 in this link
Fix: Taskbar Auto-Hide Feature Not Working On Windows 10 (

good success :grinning:

Auto-Hide works just fine on my computer. What it does not work is auto-unhide when I open PhotoLab in full screen mode.

No problem here (W10 home) with auto-hide working when PL is full screen.