Photolab and ProRaw

I’m currently using Photolab and Nik quite happily with the exception of lack of support for the latest iPhone raw formats. That aside would added ProRaw add anything for me?

Am I correct in thinking Photolab contain the same raw processing capabilities as ProRaw?


Hi, Andy! Since you already have PL and Nik, I can’t imagine what PureRAW would add for you. (That’s what you meant, right?) PureRAW is a tool to quickly apply certain adjustments to a RAW file and make it ready for further development in another application. PL can do everything PR can and much more.

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Welcome Andy. If by “ProRaw” you mean “PureRAW” then you are correct that PR contains no functionality that PL doesn’t already possess. Further PL gives you control over the same functionalities that exist in PR.

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Many thanks and yes PureRaw🙈

I sort of assumed PureRaw was just subset of PL so thanks for confirming that

The tools within PureRaw includes optical corrections for lens distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and lens sharpness as well as DeepPRIME NR, Together they are a subset of the tools in PhotoLab. PureRAW is intended as a raw preprocessor for those of us who use software other then PhotoLab to edit their raw files.


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